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            One of the best strategies for successfully marketing your home is to make the most of that golden period of time when your property is "new on the market" - the first thirty days after your home is listed for sale. 

            New listings receive the most exposure during the first thirty days, when the chances of making a sale are much higher.  What selling strategy will position your home to compete successfully with other comparable properties for sale in your neighborhood?

Set your asking price to compete with available properties of equivalent size, age and condition.  Most buyers who are screening homes will start with the least expensive desirable properties and then work up, and you want your home to be one of the first they look at.

            Prepare your home to sell before you list it, so that it is in absolutely top showing condition.  Be ready to open the door of an immaculate home to buyers, even in the first hours it appears on the multiple listings. 

            Ask your Realtor to promote your property intensively during this crucial "new on the market" period, and be ready for results!