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Blog by Philip Jones

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The 21st Century Realtor



            Real estate professionals are wondering what the 21st Century Realtor will look like.  Without having the exact answer to that question, top Realtors are committed to setting the trends that others will follow.

            Conventional real estate wisdom has always claimed that the three biggest influences on buyers are--location, location and location.  Current trends show a shift toward value as regards both buyers and sellers.  Buyers are concerned about getting the best house for their money, while sellers want to get top dollar for their home--and both want the best service from their real estate professionals.  Realtors today are offering a wider range of personalized services to meet clients' needs. They are investing in technological innovations that will help them do a better job of marketing listings, such as computer programs that help them price homes, keep track of buyers, develop plans of action, and organize their business. The Realtor's emphasis over the last ten years has been on finding ways to increase the quality of their service in negotiating transactions. This means that it will only get better for the real estate consumer.