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The Realtor As Go-Between


     People who try to sell their own homes begin to appreciate the expertise of professional Realtors as soon as their first offer comes in.  They want to sell their home, and they have found prospects who want to buy.  But what happens next?

     When the negotiation process begins, things can get "sticky".  First, there are personalities involved, and real estate transactions rarely bring out the best in people.  The buyers may seem unreasonable if they make an offer that is considerably less than the sellers are willing to accept.  At that point the buyers may become offended by the sellers' attitude.  When professional Realtors are involved, the process is much less adversarial.  The two parties see very little of each other until the rough edges have been smoothed out.  Good Realtors know how to keep personalities out of the transaction and to help both sides reach a mutually agreeable compromise.