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Secrets of Negotiating A Transaction


            Negotiating the sale of a property is an art that real estate agents have learned and practiced.  When it comes time to discuss the terms of the sale or purchase of your next home, use the following methods to support a positive outcome.

            Make a list of the issues that you want your realtor to focus on during the negotiations.  Whether you are selling or buying the home, be informed about every feature that adds value to the property and every aspect that might be considered a defect. 

During discussions relative to price and terms of the transaction, listen carefully to everything that is being said, and feel free to ask questions. Relax and remain calm, because negotiations can sometimes be tedious or frustrating.  Give yourself permission to disagree - if your opinion differs from the other party's, assert your position clearly and honestly.  Take your time-don't succumb to pressure to come to a resolution.  Negotiation is a give-and-take process.  When you agree to give something, be sure to ask for something in return.  This creates a balanced agreement.

Most importantly, if the deal is not acceptable, be completely willing to walk away.  If you adhere to this final rule, you will never feel forced into accepting a contract that is not entirely satisfactory.