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Is There Really Another Buyer?


     You have found the perfect house and are thinking about making an offer.  Even though you trust your Realtor, you are feeling some pressure just when you feel that you need time to consider the matter. The agent tells you that another party is thinking about making an offer, so you shouldn't delay if you really want the house.  What should you do?  Trust your agent!

     It is natural to feel some pressure from even the most easy-going Realtor--and some uncertainty about whether to make an offer.  If you really like a house, there is always the possibility that someone else will share your enthusiasm for it. Sometimes you can "sleep on it" and it won't matter. Whether the market is lively or sluggish, it is a good idea to assume that another offer is likely to come in.  If your heart is set on the property, move as quickly as possible to minimize the possibility of another buyer materializing.