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When An Agent Drops By With A Buyer


     You just received a call from a Realtor who wants to show your house later in the day.  You hurry around doing last-minute cleanup before the agent arrives with the client.  When the house is ready, what should you do?  Relax and allow your real estate agent to do what you hired them for!

     It is difficult for an agent or a prospective buyer to deal with a "helpful" seller who wants to make sure that nothing is missed.  If the owners follow the Realtor through the house, listening to every word and elaborating on everything, it will be difficult for the buyers to envision the house as their own.  Buyers go through a process that involves raising objections and working through them with the Realtor. If the owners are present, the buyers may feel inhibited, not wanting to offend them by criticizing their home.  The owner may appear overly eager to sell, sending unconscious signals that could influence the buyer to present a lower offer than they might otherwise have made.