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How Realtors Work To Sell Your Home


            When a seller lists a home with a real estate professional, a lot of brainstorming takes place to determine the most effective way to promote the sale. As the homeowner, it's important for you to know about your realtor's business plan for selling your home.  Take the time to ask your realtor questions that will help you participate in the process. Who are the potential buyers for that location and price range?  What media sources will be used to advertise the listing?  Will they promote your home with multiple photos and a virtual tour of the property?  How will the realtor work with other local real estate professionals?

            Your realtor should be your trusted ally.  Part of your agent's job is to protect you by screening inquiries about your house, identifying serious buyers and pre-qualifying those who have the resources to make a sound offer. Realtors are trained to handle the transaction professionally and to protect the privacy of your home.

            You and your real estate agent have a shared goal - to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price.