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Energy Efficiency


     Homebuyers are increasingly concerned about the rising cost of energy.  It is common for buyers to ask about utility costs and the energy efficiency of a home when they are considering buying it.  One way to reduce energy costs is as simple as changing your light bulbs--from standard ones to compact fluorescent bulbs that are designed to fit most standard light fixtures and lamps.

     The initial purchase price of compact fluorescent bulbs may seem a little steep--they average between $13 and $20 per bulb -- but they last at least 10 times longer than a standard light bulb and will reduce your energy bills significantly.  Manufacturers estimate that during the life of a single fluorescent bulb you will reduce your electric bill by over $40.  As an added bonus, the electric company will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emission by approximately half a ton per replacement bulb.  Compact fluorescents don't work with dimmer switches, and if used outdoors, you should make sure that the fixture is well ventilated and protected from rain.