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Blog by Philip Jones

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A Positive Approach


     Some buyers and sellers arrive at the closing feeling terrific about the transaction‑‑they like each other, they like their new home, their Realtor, and even the lender.  Others feel stressed out by the process, and come to the closing table with a list of questions and concerns.  Whether you are the buyer or the seller, your approach will play an important part in determining which of these scenarios characterizes your closing.

     The professionals who are involved in real estate transactions work hard to ensure that things proceed as smoothly as possible.  However, the quality of the transaction often depends not so much on what happens, but how you react to what happens.  If you communicate confidence in the professionals who are helping you, the atmosphere will remain positive even if there are complications.  Problems are more effectively resolved if both seller and buyer trust the Realtors to guide them through the inherent complexity of a real estate transaction.  One of a Realtor's most important responsibilities is to complete the sale, even if everything that could possibly go wrong occurs.