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Completing Inspection Repairs


            When you sell a house, the buyers will probably schedule a home inspection before they are contractually obligated to purchase the home.  If the inspector finds areas that need attention or repair, the buyers may produce a list of items they are concerned about, and may want to discuss some of the major problems with you as a condition for moving forward on the sale. 

            When you get the buyers' list, remember that some of the items may be negotiable.  Sales contracts usually require that all systems be in working condition, but some buyers may make requests that go beyond the normal obligations of the seller.  They may ask for a new roof or certain structural repairs that you may not want to make.  Your agent can help you to assess the risks of just saying "no" to buyers who are making demands you consider unreasonable.  Usually compromise is the best approach.  If you just decline the requests, the buyers may back out of the deal. It's usually best to handle the needed repairs now, because the next buyer will probably have the same concerns. When you agree to make repairs, hire licensed professionals who will back up their work and give copies of the receipts to the buyers.  Arrange to have the repairs made as far ahead of time as possible to avoid last‑minute complications that could compromise the transaction.