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An increasing number of mortgage lenders are offering exceptionally favorable terms to Columbia & Richmond County Georgia home owners and buyers who incorporate environment-friendly features in their home.  They are joining the “green” trend, favoring applicants who make energy-efficient improvements.  For example, several lending firms have launched programs that offer $1,000 off closing costs with its energy-efficient mortgage. 

            Many of the energy-efficient mortgage products are structured like traditional adjustable or fixed-rate loans, but they incorporate the cost of energy-efficient improvement, such as insulation, windows and cooling systems, into the mortgage so customers can pay the cost over the life of the loan.  When customers want to buy a home, they have an energy audit done by a certified third party that evaluates the home and creates a list of energy-efficient improvements that can save the homeowner money on utility bills.

            The improvements are made after the home is purchased.  It’s a good way to save money and at the same time be kind to our environment.

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