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            You have diligently followed your realtor’s advice, getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan and collecting cash for a down payment and closing costs.  Now comes the exciting part – searching for the perfect property that will become your new home.

            Working closely with your realtor can make Augusta, Georgia house-hunting an enjoyable adventure. An experienced realtor will help you focus on the houses that will best meet your requirements.  You will give your agent invaluable input if you prepare a written House Hunt Checklist with three categories.

            In the first category, specify “Must-have” features.  For example, you won’t settle for anything less than 2,000 square feet, and your family can’t do without three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a yard for your beloved terrier.  The second category should be a list of “Love to have” features – a swimming pool, extra storage space, a three-car garage – things that would make the house extremely desirable to you.  In the third category, specify “Won’t live with” features that might include too much traffic noise from the street or a poorly rated school district.

            Your checklist will help your realtor guide your search, so every house you take the time to visit is a potential home!

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