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Augusta Georgia Area Churches

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Advent Christian



Assembly of God






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Inter -








Seventh Day Adventist


Universal Fellowship










Advent Christian


Bethlehem Advent Christian Church

1815 Central Ave, Augusta GA 30904

Phone: 706-738-1100

First Advent Christian Church


Phone: 706-738-3402

Iron Hill Advent Christian Church






St. Luke Anglican Catholic Church

3081 Wheeler Rd, Augusta GA 30909

Phone: 706-736-7479




Bethel Community Apostolic

2599 Kelly St Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-481-9933

Bibleway Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ

2029 Grand Blvd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-4821

Cathedral of Praise

3670 Old Petersburg Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-0030‎

First Pentecostal Church Of Evans

710 Chamblin Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-868-6458

Greater Apostolic Holy Temple

3443 Morgan Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-793-8448

Greater Augusta Apostolic Church

4406 Wrightsboro Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-863-2285‎

New Zion Apostolic Church

1640 Olive Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-8737‎

Straightgate Overcoming Church of God 

Highway 25 S, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-554-2734

Word of Life Apostolic Church

2352 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-364-4268



Assembly of God


Augusta Full Gospel Church 

3519 Janet Dr Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-798-4422‎

Calvary Temple Assembly of God

3343 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-798-6367 

First Assembly of God - Augusta

1613 Fenwick Street, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-5532 

First Assembly of God - Thompson 

1768 Mount Pleasant Rd, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-7634

Grace Assembly of God

4301 Windsor Spring Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-790-0903

Korean Assembly of God

3704 Belair Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-3233

Lakeview Assembly of God

2002 Ellis St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-737-0055

Lighthouse Assembly

599 S Old Belair Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-869-0340

Victory Assembly of God

2030 Olive Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-7742



American Baptist 

First American Baptist Church

PO Box 3788 Augusta, GA 30914

Phone: 770-996-8004‎

Harvest Baptist Church

1795 Reynolds Pond Rd Aiken, SC 29805

Phone: 803-648-9359‎

Tabernacle Baptist Church

1223 Laney Walker Blvd Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-1230‎

Freewill Baptist 

Straightway Full Gospel Baptist

808 11th St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-738-1106


Independent Baptist 

Berean Baptist Church

2385 Ga Highway 88 Hephzibah, GA 30815

Phone: 706-592-2143

Crossroads Baptist Church

1285 Winter Rd Hephzibah, GA 30815

Phone: 706-554-2626

Faith Baptist Church

88 Highway 1, Hephzibah, GA 30815

Phone: 706-592-4370

Good Samaritan Baptist Church

1556 Maple St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-5853

Macedonia Baptist Church

1829 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-922-6101

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

1260 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-8052

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church                

1930 Olive Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-736-8078

New Heart Bible Fellowship

4207 Wheeler Rd Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-860-3919

Providence Baptist Church

3850 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-868-8856

Sharon Baptist Church 

3434 Sharon Rd Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-738-5240

Southgate Baptist Church

2226 Peach Orchard Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-798-2473

Trinity Baptist Church

4594 Columbia Rd Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-863-1222

West Augusta Baptist Church

4289 Southern Pines Dr, Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-863-5131


Missionary Baptist 

Beechwood Missionary Baptist

2596 Story Mill Rd Waynesboro, GA 30830

Phone: 706-554-0062

Beulah Grove Baptist Church

1434 Poplar St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-1086

Broadway Baptist Church

2323 Barton Chapel Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-8185

Crawford Baptist Church

955 Florence St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-2009

Ever Faithful Baptist Church

314 Sand Bar Ferry Rd Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-0553

Fairview Missionary Baptist Church

3105 Milledgeville Rd Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-738-7245‎

Faith Temple Missionary Baptist

2411 Young Dr Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-9600

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

931 Cedar St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-4017

Good Shepherd Baptist Church

1714 Olive Rd Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-733-0341‎

Greater Young Zion Missionary Baptist Church

405 Sand Bar Ferry Rd Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-1720

Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church

1692 Old Savannah Rd Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-2768

Hale Street Baptist Church 

352 Hale St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-1051

Liberty Baptist Church

1232 Anderson Ave Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-3322‎

Noah's Ark Baptist Church

4466 Highway 80 W Waynesboro, GA 30830

Phone: 706-554-4077‎

Palmer Grove Baptist Church

3261 Old Waynesboro Rd Hephzibah, GA30815

Phone: 706-554-5789

United One Way Baptist Church

1040 13th St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-823-0303



Primitive Baptist 

Augusta Old Line Primitive Baptist Church

3646 Old Petersburg Rd Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-863-1707

First Primitive Baptist Church

2020 Highland Ave Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-738-1338

Harmony Baptist Church

930 Hopkins St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-8028


Southern Baptist 

Abilene Baptist Church

3917 Washington Rd Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-869-1774‎

Augusta Associations of Baptist Churches

1120 Marks Church Rd Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-736-8705

Bayvale Baptist Church

2240 Bayvale Rd Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-733-8128

Berea Baptist Church

213 South Old Belair Rd. Grovetown, GA30813

Phone: 706-650-1853

Calvary Baptist Church

2510 Richmond Hill Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-6565

Curtis Baptist Church

1326 Broad St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-7348

First Baptist Church

3500 Walton Way Ext Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-733-2236

Grace Baptist Church

4945 Hardy McManus Rd. Evans, Georgia 30809

Phone: 706-868-9729

Hillcrest Baptist Church

Deans Bridge Road Augusta, Georgia 30906

Phone: 706-793-3104

Kiokee Baptist Church

2520 Ray Owens Rd Appling, GA 30802

Phone: 706-541-1086

New Life Baptist Church

3840 Mike Padgett Hwy Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-771-0239

The Church of Greenbrier

4534 Washington Rd Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-922-8224

West Acres Baptist Church

555 Gibbs Rd Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-860-6573

Woodlawn Baptist Church

4943 Columbia Rd Grovetown, GA 30813

Phone: 706-210-8014




Adams's Grove Baptist Church

3940 Byrd Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-6139

Allen Chapel Baptist Church

113 Allen Chapel Rd Waynesboro, GA30830

Phone: 706-554-6365

Antioch Baptist Church

1454 Florence St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-724-2809

Botsford Baptist Church

825 Botsford Church Rd Waynesboro, GA30830

Phone: 706-554-3756

Brinkley Chapel Baptist Church

6358 Washington Rd Thomson, GA 30824

Phone: 706-595-1988

Bryant Grove Baptist Church

5293 Ga Highway 24 S Waynesboro, GA30830

Phone: 706-554-7692

Canaan of Galilee Baptist Church

Highway 221 Appling, GA 30802

Phone: 706-541-0851

Christian Fountain Baptist

2001 Golden Rod St Augusta, GA 30901

Phone: 706-722-6389

Clark Grove Baptist Church

3616 Evans To Locks Rd Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-868-1602

Cobb Grove Baptist Church

County Line Rd Thomson, GA 30824

Phone: 706-595-1470

Corinth Baptist Church

4797 Mike Padgett Hwy Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-8614

Cumming Grove Baptist Church

2289 Gardner St Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-738-0024

Fairfield Baptist Church

1582 Ben Hatcher Rd Waynesboro, GA30830

Phone: 706-554-5521

Fielding Spring Baptist Church

4675 Mike Padgett Hwy Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-7977

First Dayspring Baptist Church

2170 Greene St Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-736-6032

First Metropolitan Baptist Church

3719 Belair Rd Augusta, GA 30909

Phone: 706-855-0407

First Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

2040 Martin Luther King J Augusta, GA30901

Phone: 706-724-8911

First New Hope Baptist Church

2031 White Rd Augusta, GA 30904

Phone: 706-736-6803

First Shiloh Baptist Church

2343 Windsor Spring Rd Augusta, GA 30906

Phone: 706-790-5967

Franklin Covenant Baptist Church

4800 Franklin Covenant Rd Hephzibah, GA30815

Phone: 706-592-2959‎

Friendship Baptist Church

2543 Deans Bridge Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-4448

Gardner Grove Baptist Church

3511 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-4102

Good Hope Baptist Church

710 E Cedar St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-1031

Gospel Water Branch Baptist Church

703 Furys Ferry Rd, Evans, GA‎

Phone: 706-860-7091

Greater Love Baptist Church

1010 Summer St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-7009

Greater St. John Baptist Church

1948 Ellis St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-2605

Green Branch Baptist Church

5006 Washington Rd, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-0807

Grove First Baptist Church

108 W Robinson Ave, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-863-3632

Hephzibah Baptist Association

713 Dowell Ave, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-554-9076

Hosannah Baptist Church

1729 Ellis St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-4387

Jordan Grove Baptist Church

1529 Railroad St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-7187

Korean Baptist Church

1128 Marks Church Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-738-3330

Langston Grove Baptist Church

Williams Rd, Thomson, GA‎

Phone: 706-597-1090

Lumpkin Road Baptist Church

2540 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-5644

Macedonia Baptist Church

Baston Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-3405

Maranntha Baptist Church

1856 Killingsworth Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-737-5333

McElmurray Spring Branch Baptist Church

McElmurray Spring Branch Baptist Church

Phone: 706-554-9100

Mckinney Branch Baptist Church

2919 River Rd, Waynesboro, GA‎

Phone: 706-554-5780

Metropolitan Baptist Church

3719 Belair Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-855-0407

Morningstar Baptist Church

1809 Fairview Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-2362

Moses Baptist Church

112 Walker St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-9502

Mount Enon Baptist Church

4678 Washington Rd, Evans, GA‎

Phone: 706-860-8565

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

4973 Washington Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-863-8432

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - Augusta

809 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-5616

Pierce Grove Baptist Church

2734 Mayo Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-855-0101

Piney Grove Baptist Church

4515 Jessie Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-651-0540

Piney Grove Forrest Hills Baptist Church

3135 Church Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-3987

Richmond Hill Baptist Church

5194 Storey Mill Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-592-6973

Rock Creek Baptist Church

151 Rocky Creek Church Rd, Waynesboro,GA

Phone: 706-554-3096

Ross Grove Baptist Church

1021 10th Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-8120

Springfield Baptist Church - Augusta

114 12th St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-1056

Summerville Baptist Church

2200 Tubman Home Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-798-5958

Union Baptist Church

412 Union St NE, Aiken, SC

Phone: 803-642-2211

Unity Baptist Church

1829 Telfair St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-7605

Watkinsville Baptist Church

1681 Ga Highway 24 W, Waynesboro, GA‎

Phone: 706-554-4194





Bible Church of Augusta

1005 Druid Park Ave, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-738-7252

Family Bible Church

124 Commercial Blvd # B, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-650-8707





Church of the Most Holy Trinity

811 Telfair St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-722-4944

St. Joseph Church

2607 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-1920

St. Mary On The Hill Catholic Church

1420 Monte Sano Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-6627

St. Teresa Church

4921 Columbia Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-863-4956





Bible Centered Ministries

3970 Columbia Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-7081

Bible Deliverance Temple

1857 Fenwick St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-1600

Family Worship Center

610 Industrial Park Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-228-2880

Living Faith Church

3969 Mike Padgett Hwy, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-790-1517

Masters Worship Center

3710 King Rd, Martinez, GA

Phone: 706-836-0509

First Family Church of Augusta

325 Telfair St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-828-5433

New Covenant Christian Center 


Phone: 706-860-1266

New Hope Church of God 

715 S Old Belair Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-868-6158

Solid Rock Church

3079 Old Powderhouse Rd, Aiken, SC

Phone: 803-642-6715

The Good News Church

400 Warren Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-739-0022

Triumphant Living Christian Center

3351 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-737-8880





Fleming Christian Church

2526 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-1301

Interfaith Christian Church

3602 Morgan Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-798-3911

Westside Christian Church

261 Flowing Wells Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-868-5982

Wildwood Christian Church

2627 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-790-7409



Church Of Christ


Church Of Christ - Grace St.

120 Grace St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-0222

Church Of Christ Martinez

4516 Oakley Pirkle Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-9744

Church Of Christ - Meadowbrook Dr

2515 Meadowbrook Dr, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-798-6962

Church Of Christ - Old Petersburg Rd.

3650 Old Petersburg Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-855-0801

D'Antignac Street Church Of Christ

1002 Dantignac St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-0059

Evans Church Of Christ

515 Gibbs Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-855-1249

South Augusta Church of Christ 

4149 Daisy Ln, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-793-0825

Thompson Church Of Christ

1609 White Oak Rd, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-5265



Church Of God


Church Of God

2031 Gardner St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-7294

Fleming Church Of God

3358 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-796-1800

Forest Street Church Of God

1607 Forest St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-722-5470

Hephzibah Church Of God

2228 Highway 88, Hephzibah, GA‎

Phone: 706-592-2904

New Hope Church of God

715 S Old Belair Rd, Grovetown, GA‎

Phone: 706-868-6158 

New Horizon Church Of God

3119 Old Louisville Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-1239

True Church Of God &; Christ

2401 Old Savannah Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-4815 

Waynesboro Church Of God

427 Ga Highway 56 N, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-554-2376 


Church Of God In Christ 

Friendly Church Of God In Christ

1115 Carrie St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-0990 

House Of God Church Of God In Christ

441 Jackson St, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-597-0770

Mason Chapel Church Of God In Christ

1132 1/2 Roselle St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-774-0030 

New Frazier Temple Church

1116 9th Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-1052

New Life Church Of God In Christ

3550 Morgan Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-796-7880

Old Time Way Church Of God In Christ

3450 Old Mcduffie Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-796-8540

Rogers Tabernacle Church of God In Christ

108 Guy Rd, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-597-9944

Trinity Temple Church Of God In Christ

437 W 8th St, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-437-1670





Christ Episcopal Church

1900 Greene St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-736-5165

Church of Our Savior

4227 Columbia Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-1718

Church of the Atonement

2616 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-796-3545 

Church of the Holy Comforter

Ste C, 1105 Furys Ln, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-210-1133  

Holy Cross Episcopal Church

515 Fluker St, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-4342 

St. Alban's Episcopal Church 

2321 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-1482

St. Augustine Episcopal Church

3321 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-6676                                 

St. Mary's Episcopal Church               

1114 12th St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-6061

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

515 S Liberty St, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-554-3465 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

605 Reynolds St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-2485 

The Church of the Good Shepherd

2230 Walton Way, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-738-3386 


Missionary Episcopal 

Church Of The Holy Spirit

3432 Gordon Hwy, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-860-8545




Faith Christian Church

New Savannah Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-8665

Living Faith Church

3969 Mike Padgett Hwy, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-790-1517 

Living Waters Full Gospel Church

1319 Community Park Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-0441

The Word Is Life Church International


Phone: 706-724-7267

Triumphant Living Christian Center

3351 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-737-8880

Trust And Obey Outreach Mission

2214 Brown Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-592-2540

Word Of Life Church

6389 Washington Rd, Appling, GA

Phone: 706-541-1753




Congregational Church Of God In Christ

2128 Martin Luther King J, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-774-0102

Lord's House Of Praise

162 Day Break Rd, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-437-9079

Master's Worship Center

3710 King Rd, Martinez, GA

Phone: 706-836-0509 

St. Stephen's True Holiness Temple For All People

2119 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Augusta,GA

Phone: 706-724-4332

True Church Of God In Christ

2401 Old Savannah Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-4815 

United House of Prayer

1269 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-4691


Congregational Holiness 

Cornerstone Fellowship Church

1612 Central Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-0831





Believers Gospel Chapel

3565 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-793-8906 

Bible Faith Holiness Church

3008 Columbia Hwy N, Aiken, SC

Phone: 803-641-9537

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church

136 S Belair Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-863-8310

Church Of God's Way

4049 Mcdaniel Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-650-9690

Open Door Community Church

607 Shartom Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-3007





Across The Miles Outreach Ministries

861 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-364-6384

Augusta Deliverance Evangelistic Church

2028 Roosevelt Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-7015 

COAD Ministries


Phone: 706-560-0065

Faith Kingdom Life Center

1852 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-6083

First Family Church

325 Telfair St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-828-5433

Freedom Fellowship Assembly Church

2204 Tobacco Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-793-1911

Grace Fellowship

507 W Five Notch Rd, North Augusta, SC

Phone: 803-279-6118 

New Wave Ministries

2101 Walton Way, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-0781

Triumphant Living Christian Center

3351 Wrightsboro Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-737-8880

Victory Deliverance Temple

1663 Olive Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-737-9504

Whole Life Ministries

2621 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-737-4530 

World Outreach Evangelistic Church

3521 Jack Kelly Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-0878





Advent Lutheran Church

3232 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-860-0439 

Ascension Lutheran Church

2860 Wells Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-6015

Christ The King Lutheran Church

4232 Evans To Locks Rd, Evans, GA‎

Phone: 706-863-7189 

Lutheran Church Of The Resurrection

825 Greene St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-8792

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

402 Aumond Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-6076 

Prince of Peace EV Lutheran Church

3703 Old Petersburg Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-1600 






Hephzibah Mennonite Church

4248 Rheney Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-592-2266






Christian Methodist 

Hudson Memorial CME Church

2 Taylor St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-6715

Jenkins Memorial CME Church

4218 Windsor Spring Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-790-1040

Miles Memorial CME Church

2014 Martin Luther King Jr Bl, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-2955

Trinity CME Church

2930 Glenn Hills Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-796-2550

Vanderhorst CME Church

639 Main St, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-3597

Williams Memorial CME Church

1630 15th St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-9430


Southern Methodist 

First Southern Methodist Church

927 Johns Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-2263

United Methodist 

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

3185 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-4416

Asbury United Methodist Church

1305 Troupe St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-0061

Augusta District United Methodist

Church3332 Westcliffe CT, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-651-8621

Barton Chapel United Methodist Church

3414 Deans Bridge Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-793-6166

Berlin United Methodist Church

1518 Hephzibah Mcbean Rd, Hephzibah,GA‎

Phone: 706-592-2500

Burns Memorial United Methodist Church

2005 Windsor Spring Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-2954

Cokesbury United Methodist Church

2005 Windsor Spring Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-2954

First United Methodist

Church353 Main St, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-595-3936 

First United Methodist Church

802 N Liberty St, Waynesboro, GA

Phone: 706-554-2188

Friendship United Methodist Church

3027 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah, GA‎

Phone: 706-796-3017

Gracewood United Methodist Church

2117 Tobacco Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-2200 

Grovetown United Methodist Church

206 E Robinson Ave, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-863-6668

Harlem United Methodist Church

115 Milledgeville Rd, Harlem, GA‎

Phone: 706-556-6885

Hephzibah United Methodist Church

4431 Brothersville Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-592-4305 

Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church

5555 Hereford Farm Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-863-6795 

Liberty United Methodist Church

2040 Liberty Church Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-592-2336

Macedonia United Methodist Church

3019 Washington Rd NE, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-465-9607

Mann Memorial United Methodist Church

2705 Milledgeville Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-1602

Martinez United Methodist Church

3614 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-863-6541 

Marvin United Methodist Church

4400 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-0510 

Mize Memorial United Methodist Church

302 Barrow Dr, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-736-3276

Mosaic United Methodist Church

478 Columbia Industrial Boulevard, Evans,GA

Phone: 706-650-9187

Pierce Memorial United Methodist Church

1441 Jackson Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-8794

Riverview United Methodist Church

1244 Furys Ferry Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-650-0783

Salem United Methodist Church

679 George McDuffie Rd, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-597-9748

St. James United Methodist Church

439 Greene St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-722-8373

St. John United Methodist Church

736 Greene St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-724-9641 

St. Luke United Methodist Church

309 Crawford Ave, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-736-6913

St. Mark United Methodist Church

2367 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-8185

St. Mark United Methodist Church

1296 Marks Church Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-9177

Trinity On The Hill United Methodist Church

1330 Monte Sano Ave, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-8822 

Wesley United Methodist Church

825 N Belair Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-869-0888

Woodlawn United Methodist Church

2220 Walton Way, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-2546





Church Of The Nazarene

4429 Roxbury Dr, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-863-9615





Abundant Life Worship Center

3725 Mike Padgett Hwy, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-796-8490 

Arise & Shine Ministry

2627 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-798-0030

Believers Gospel Chapel

3565 Peach Orchard Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-793-8906 

Bible Cathedral

1116 Furys Ferry Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-863-7090 

Calvary Deliverance Evangelistic Church

844 Scott Nixon Memorial Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-869-8187

Church Of God's Way

4049 Mcdaniel Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-650-9690

City of Life Ministries

5220 Wrightsboro Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-854-9000

Faith Kingdom Life Center

1852 Gordon Hwy, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-6083

Faith Outreach Christian Life Center

2664 Willis Foreman Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-792-9662

Family Worship Center

610 Industrial Park Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-228-2880

Foundation Ministries

704 US Highway 25 S, Waynesboro, GA‎

Phone: 706-554-9906

Glendale Bible Chapel

2011 Randall Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-1054

Haven For God's People

218 Laney Walker Boulevard Ext, Augusta

Phone: 706-722-8479

House Of God Church

441 Jackson St, Thomson, GA

Phone: 706-597-0770

Kingdom Life Fellowship Ministries

802 Metcalf St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-8001

New Covenant Christian Center  


Phone: 706-860-1266

New Life Christian Center

3336 Wrightsboro Rd # 3, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-2526

Open Door Community Church

607 Shartom Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-860-3007 

Overcomers Outreach Center SBC

3850 Washington Rd # 3B, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-2645

Restoration Christian Fellowship

2404 Tobacco Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-796-8383

Solid Rock Church

3079 Old Powderhouse Rd, Aiken, SC

Phone: 803-642-6715

Temple of Prayer And Deliverance

1111 Florence St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-828-3375

The Good News Church

400 Warren Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-739-0022 

Tower Of Refuge Church

509 Langley Ln, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-731-0654

United House Of Prayer For All People

612 1st St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-0244

Word Alive Outreach Ministries

1505 Essie Mcintyre Blvd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-3635






Apostolic Christian Tabernacle

2296 Plantation Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-592-0800

Augusta Deliverance Evangelistic Church

2028 Roosevelt Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-7015 

Augusta Praise Tabernacle

2514 Richmond Hill Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-790-4605

Bibleway Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

2029 Grand Blvd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-4821

Family Worship Center

610 Industrial Park Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-228-2880

Friendly Church Of God In Christ

1115 Carrie St, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-724-0990 

First Assembly Of God

1613 Fenwick Street, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-738-5532 

First Pentecostal Church Of Evans

710 Chamblin Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-868-6458 

Liberty Temple Church

4663 Augusta Rd, North Augusta, SC

Phone: 803-593-9603

New Covenant Christian Center


Phone: 706-860-1266

New Hope Church of God 

715 S Old Belair Rd, Grovetown, GA

Phone: 706-868-6158 

New Life Church Of God In Christ

3550 Morgan Rd, Hephzibah, GA

Phone: 706-796-7880


Pentecostal Holiness 

Augusta Evangelistic Pentecostal Holiness Church

2314 Old Savannah Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-5550

Evangelistic Pentecostal Holiness Church

2314 Old Savannah Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-5550

Greater Apostolic Holy Temple

3443 Morgan Rd, Hephzibah, GA‎

Phone: 706-793-8448

Master's Worship Center

3710 King Rd, Martinez, GA‎

Phone: 706-836-0509

New Covenant Church

526 Hitchcock Pkwy, Aiken, SC

Phone: 803-649-5007

South Augusta Pentecostal Holiness Church

2019 Rosier Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-0848


United Pentecostal

Abundant Life Church

3086 Chamberlain S Ferry Rd, Lincolnton,

Phone: 706-359-7966

First United Pentecostal Church

1929 Fenwick St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-3930





Evans Presbyterian Church

2601 Deans Bridge Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-9706

First Associate Reformed Presbyterian of Augusta

2204 Kimberly Dr, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-0047 

Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church

777 Blanchard Rd, Evans, GA

Phone: 706-863-0779

Cliffwood Presbyterian Church

2525 Lumpkin Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-798-2691

First Presbyterian Church - Augusta

642 Telfair St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-823-2450

Lakemont Presbyterian Church

1000 Bluebird Rd, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-736-5011

Westminster Presbyterian Church

4303 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-8978

Augusta Korean Presbyterian Church

2992 Glenn Hills Dr, Augusta, GA‎

Phone: 706-790-4608 

Belle-Terrace Presbyterian Church

2454 Golden Camp Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-793-6908

Christ Presbyterian Church

1316 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-724-3087

Covenant Presbyterian Church

3131 Walton Way Ext, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-0513

Greater Augusta Presbyterian Ministries

1235 Greene St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-4408

Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church

2261 Walton Way, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-733-2275

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

3551 Wheeler Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-736-4575



Seventh Day Adventist


Seventh Day Adventist Church

1699 Olive Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-738-1119‎




Universal Fellowship


Metropolitan Community Church of Augusta  

557 Greene St, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-722-6454‎





The Vineyard Church Augusta  

3126 Parrish Rd, Augusta, GA

Phone: 706-863-9766‎