No matter what climate you live in, you can enhance your home's hidden potential by bringing the outside into your home.  There are many ways to enliven a “stale” interior with plants, lighting, water features and other natural elements.  Minor remodeling projects can be tailored to suit your taste and budget.

            Study the placement of your home on the property, and evaluate its accessibility to sunlight. A small window can be enlarged to let more light into a room and expand the view. A skylight added to a dark room can make a dramatic improvement.  You can create an entertainment area for guests by installing a sliding glass door that opens onto your garden, patio or deck.  You might consider adding a sunroom, or installing a decorative stone fountain in an uninteresting corner area. 

            You can also consider ways to enhance the outdoor features of your home and integrate them into the living space of your home.  Such improvements can often greatly increase the value of your property.