You just listed your home for sale in the Augusta Georgia area, and you withheld a few "little" problems from the Realtor--the family room leaks, but only when it rains; the outlet in the back bedroom won't spark unless something is plugged in; and there is a stain on the oak floor in the living room which is covered with a rug.

It is a mistake to think that your home will sell more quickly by concealing the little (or not so little) defects.  These seemingly small items can escalate into major issues that can threaten a sale, and possibly result in litigation.  State legislatures and courts all over the country have passed laws regarding concealing defects from an agent or buyer.

The essence of these laws is--DISCLOSE!  If something in your home is not working properly or needs to be repaired, fix it or make sure that your agent discloses it to the prospective buyers.  The court will probably not be understanding--or forgiving--if you claim ignorance about a problem, especially if you have lived in the house.