Augusta Georgia buyers will have an opportunity to walk through the home they are purchasing just before the closing to make sure it is in the same condition as when the contract was ratified.  They will check the appliances and make sure that the agreed-upon repairs were completed.

     For the first time, buyers see their new home empty, just after the movers have taken everything out.  Suddenly they notice the dark rectangles and nail holes where pictures used to hang, and all the "dust bunnies" on the floor.  While the contract calls for the house to be "broom clean" and basically free of trash and debris, Re/Max True Advantage Realtors will always encourage sellers to leave their homes impeccably clean for the walk-through, and many homes are turned over in spotless condition. Sometimes a hectic moving schedule, fatigue, or different housekeeping standards result in the buyers feeling the need to clean the house thoroughly before they move in.  If you are afraid that a messy house could trigger problems at the closing, be sure to make your house shine for this important inspection.