Many people in all parts of the country including Augusta GA underestimate the emotional overload of selling one home and buying another at the same time.

           How quickly will your present home sell?  Most people need the equity from the sale of their first home for the down payment on the new home.  If your present home goes on the market first, it may sell before you locate the one you want to buy.   Or you could find the perfect home before your present home is under contract and the sellers may be reluctant to accept your offer. 

           Sit down with your Re/Max True Advantage agent before you begin your search.  You may need to be flexible on the closing date because it is usually easier to locate a home that you want to buy than to sell your present home.  If you have found the house you want, your lender might arrange a short‑term bridge loan to make it possible for you.  Be realistic and plan for contingencies with your agent.