You have found a house in the area of Columbia & Richmond County Georgia which you love and you really want to buy!  The Realtor presents your offer to the sellers and they accept it.  You feel great--until you wake up the next morning, covered with a rash and asking yourself, "What on earth have I just done?"

     Occasionally, Re/Max True Advantage of Augusta will receive a “morning-after call from buyers who will do anything to get out of the commitment they just made.  If you find yourself in this situation, there are two important things to remember.  First, your rash accompanies a very common condition called "Buyers' Remorse".  Almost everyone who buys a house experiences this feeling, with varying degrees of intensity, some time between the meeting of the minds and the closing table.  Secondly, you should know that this condition is almost always temporary. If you have a bad case of homebuyers’ jitters, put off any decision about getting out of the agreement until you are certain that you have considered things carefully and rationally.  Your Re/Max Realtor will help you through this difficult time.