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Why should a seller get a professional home inspection?

 Making the decision to sell a home is a huge step for homeowners.  Making the home marketable is the goal for your sellers.

 We understand a seller's emotional attachment to the home - maybe it was their first home, the home they raised their children in, located in a neighborhood your client loved, or maybe it was just a stepping stone to a dream home.  For whatever reason, a home has great significance to its owners.  We know, because we are all homeowners ourselves.

 But we must be realistic about the homes we live in.  No home is perfect, and the quicker a seller realizes that, the more marketable the property becomes.  A potential homebuyer wants to buy a home in tip-top shape, and a thorough examination of the home will help a seller attain this.

 Having a home inspection before a house is put on the market will help you and your seller to identify any current or potential problem areas that can be resolved before buyers start to look at the home.  Thus the home will be in better condition for viewing, making it more marketable and will help you attain a higher sales price.

 Having a home inspection will inform you of any problem areas you did not know existed, thus saving you the surprise of having to find out later during a buyer's inspection.  Knowing ahead of time what might come up can save you time, money, frustration and may spare your seller some disappointment.

 By resolving problems prior to a buyer's inspection, you may be able to avoid or reduce negotiations with the buyers' over repairs.  Repair negotiations are conducted under a tight time frame, and you and your client may be forced to make quick decisions regarding repairs.  Having more time to get estimates from contractors, conduct the work needed, and having any follow up maintenance will save you both money and frustration in the long run.

 When a buyer sees that you had the home inspected beforehand, it will show them you are willing to go the extra mile and work with them on the sale of the home.  This may make the negotiations go smoother, get you a higher selling price, and result in a quicker closing.

Having your listings inspected before potential buyers look at it will ultimately make the home more marketable, save you and your client time, money and frustration.  It will also give your seller a longer period to make any necessary repairs or perform maintenance to the home.

 Our goal is for your clients to be successful homeowners, and that includes the selling process.