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  Staging Tips To Sell Your Home


Showmanship helps Salesmanship!


Getting ready to sell? You can easily arouse the prospect's desire for your home by making it attractive.  Here are some friendly Do's & Don'ts in home staging that will assist in the visibility of your home's best amenities in preparation for showing a home for sale.


Staging A Home


Stage Preparation For Showing

 1.  First Impressions

An inviting exterior insures inspection of the interior.  Keep lawn trimmed, flower beds cultivated, and yard debris to a minimum.

2.  Decorate                                                                                                                                                        

Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce the desire. Don't tell buyers how it will look- show them by redecorating first. A quicker sale with a higher offer will be the result.


3.   Cleanliness

Bright, cheery windows and unmarred walls will assist your sale.


4.   Fix the Faucet

Dripping water discolors and calls attention to faulty plumbing.


5.   A Day with the Carpenter

Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers, warped cabinet doors, etc., will be noticed by the buyer or the inspector.  You should have them fixed if at all possible


6.   From Top to Bottom

Remove all unnecessary articles that have accumulated. Display the full range of your storage and utility spaces.


7.   Step high- Step Low

The prospect will do just that unless all passageways are cleared of objects.  Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.

8.   Closet Illusions

Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats, and other articles neatly placed, will help your closets to appear spacious and adequate for proper use.


9.   Dear to Her Heart is the Kitchen. 

Colorful curtains in harmony with the floor and counter tops, add appeal for the Future Lady of the House.


10. Check and Double Check Your Bathroom

Bright and clean bathrooms sell homes.


11. See the Light?

Illumination is a Welcome Sign.  For an after dark inspection, turn on the lights, throughout the house. A buyer will feel a "glowing warmth" otherwise impossible to attain.


Showing The House


12. "Three's A Crowd"

Avoid having too many people present during viewings.  This could cause the buyer to feel like an intruder and rush through the showing


13. Music is Mellow

While music can be subtle we don't recommend having it on during the showing of your home. Allow the agent and the buyer to talk, free of disturbances.


14. Love Me; Love My Dog

Does not apply in this situation.  Keep pets out of the way- preferably out of the house.


15. Silence is Golden

Be courteous but don't force conversation with the prospect.  They are here to inspect your home let them initiate questions.


16. Be it Ever so Humble

Never apologize for the appearance of the house after all, it has been lived in.  Let the real estate agent answer any questions when raised he/she has a working relationship with the buyer...


17. Please Don't Tag Along

The agent knows what the Buyer is specifically looking for and can better recognize the features of your home, which will appeal to them, when left alone.


18. Words to the Wise

DO NOT DISCUSS price, terms, possession or other factors with the buyer or their agent.  Refer them to us; we will handle all negotiations with professionalism and in your best interest. 


 We ask that you DO NOT show your home to prospective customers. *Appointments Should be Made Through our Office for Professional and Security Reasons* Your cooperation is appreciated and leads to a more prompt conclusion.