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When you are ready to negotiate a home purchase agreement in the Columbia & Richmond County Georgia area, remember that a successful negotiation does not necessarily mean everyone gets what they want. In a real-life “win-win” situation, compromises are inevitable. The secret to negotiating a satisfactory purchase contract is to expect to make some concessions at the bargaining table.

Remax True Advantage agent Philip Jones suggests Approach the meeting with a positive, open-minded attitude.  Try to listen and stay sensitive to the other’s point of view.  Be clear about your priorities, but don’t expect to prevail on every point.  The more you remain flexible, the better your chance for a fair compromise.  Stay focused on what you feel is truly important. Too often negotiations break down because people become fixated on issues of lesser consequence.  When you become stuck on an issue as minor as who will paint the fence, be willing to split the difference.  Above all, trust your real estate agent, who has the expertise to bring the proceedings to a happy resolution.

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