If you are looking to sell a home in the Augusta Georgia area, conventional wisdom dictates that you should wait until the holiday season is over. It’s generally assumed that people are too busy shopping for gifts to buy real estate.  However, while home sales usually slow down between November and January, they certainly do not stop!        

       Who buys homes during the holiday season?  Serious buyers, who will continue house hunting even with the Christmas tree tied to the roof of the car!   Statistically, holiday buyers tend to be interested in “moving up” which is good news for sellers of higher-end and 2nd home properties.

       Decorating your home with holiday glitz can add significantly to its charm and “curb appeal”.  It’s the only time of the year when the neighbors won’t complain if you adorn your home with blinking lights and a jolly Santa standing next to the “For Sale” sign!

       So take advantage of those holiday buyers who are looking for their dream home.  The most special holiday gift for the whole family could be the deed to a new home.