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    Use an Augusta Georgia Real Estate Buyer's AgentHome Buyers

    It's important that you choose an experienced Augusta Georgia Real Estate buyers agent who is there for you.  A REMAX True Advantage Agent will be actively searching for you homes in Augusta Georgia Real Estate, keeping you informed of the entire buying and closing process, negotiating furiously on your behalf, and answering all of your Augusta Georgia Real Estate questions with competence and speed.

    First, find an Augusta Georgia Real Estate agent represents you and not the seller.  This is beneficial during the negotiating process.  If you are working with a REMAX True Advantage Agent as a buyer's agent in Augusta Georgia Real Estate, he is required not to disclose to the seller of your top choice.  In addition, he  is also focused on gettig you the lowest asking price and seller concessions.

    Also, when you use a REMAX True Advantage Agent as your Augusta Georgia Real Estate buyer's agent, you will find more properties.  Not only are they plugged into the Multiple Listing Service, but also they are actively finding homes that are listed as FSBO, or homes that sellers are thinking about listing in the future of the Augusta Ga Real Estate market.

    Why You Should Not Make Any Major Credit Purchases

    Don't go on a spending spree using credit if you are thinking about buying a home, or in the process of buying a new home.  Your mortgage pre-approval is subject to a final evaluation of your financial situation.

    Every $100 you pay per month on a credit payment could cost you about $10,000 in home eligibility.  For example, a car payment of $300/month could mean that you qualify for $30,000 less in a mortgage.

    Even if you have accumulated enough savings, you should consider not making any large purchases until after closing.  The last thing you want is to know that you could have purchased a new Augusta Georgia Real Estate home had you curbed the urge to spend.

    Importance of Inspection

    As a buyer for Augusta Georgia Real Estate, you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting.  Don't take for granted what you see and what the seller or the listing agent tells you.  A professional home inspection for Augusta GA Real Estate is something you should do, whether you are buying an existing home or a new one.  An inspection is an opportunity to have an expert look closely at the Augusta Georgia Real Estate property you are considering purchasing and getting both an oral and written opinion as to its condition.

    Beforehand, make sure the report will be done by a professional organization, such as a local trade organization or a national trade organization such as ASHI(Americn Society of Home Inspection).  Not only should you never skip a home inspection when buying Augusta Georgia Real Estate or any real estate, but also you should go along with the inspector during inspection.  This gives you a chance to ask questions about the property and get answers that are not biased.  In addition, the oral comments are typically more revealing and detailed than what you will find on the written report.  Once the inspection is complete, review the inspection report carefully.

    You have to request an inspection when you present your offer.  It must be written in as a contingency, if you do not approve the inspection report, then you don't buy.  Most real estate contracts automatically provide some type of an inspection contingency.

    Avoiding Financial Stress

    By asking the right questions, and knowing exactly what your needs are, you can find the right loan for you.  There are certain approaches that you can take while mortgage shopping that can cost or save you money.

    It is still true that the better qualifications you have, the lower your interest rate will be.  However, there are mortgages available for almost everyone; it's the interest rates or the down payments that vary. 

    Before speaking with a lender, know what monthly dollar amount payment you feel comfortable committing to.  Then when you discuss mortgage pre-approval with your lender, it is easier for you to determine the monthly amount and what value of Augusta Georgia Real Estate home the monthly amount translates into.  Do not put yourself in the position where you will be paying more each month than you intended simply because the "dream" house requires it.

    Do your research on the types of mortgages available to you and find the one that best suits your needs.  There are a number of considerations to be made in terms of finding the best mortgage for each individual. 

    *What type of market are you in?  Are the interest rates falling or rising?

    *Do you want a fixed mortgage rate, where you will always know what your payment is going to be?

    *What are your long-term goals?  Do you intend to resell the property?  Do you only need the Augusta Georgia Real Estate mortgage for a short time?

     Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

    Buying a home in the Augusta Georgia Real Estate market will probably rank as one of the biggest personal investments one can make.  Being organized and in control will contribute significantly to getting the best Augusta Georgia Real Estate home deal possible with the least amount of stress.  It's important to anticipate the steps required to successfully achieve your housing goal and to build a plan of action that gets you there.

    Before you can build a plan of action, take the time to lay the groundwork for your decision-making process.

    First, ask yourself how much can you afford to pay for a Augusta Georgia Real Estate home.  If you're not sure on the price range, find a lender and get pre-approved.  Pre-approval will let you know how much you can afford so that you can look for homes in your price range.  Getting pre-approved helps you to alleviate some of the anxieties that come with home buying.  You know exactly what you qualify for and at what rate, you know how large your monthly mortgage payments will be, and you know how much you will have for a down payment.  Once you are pre-approved, you avoid the frustration finding Augusta Ga Real Estate homes that you-think are perfect, but are not in your price range.

    Second, ask yourself where you want to live and what is the best location for you and/or your family.  Things to consider when buying Augusta Georgia Real Estate:

    *convenience for all family members

    *proximity to work, school

    *crime rate of neighborhood

    *local transportation

    *types of homes in neighborhood, for example, condos, town homes, co-ops, newly constructed homes, etc.

     Augusta GA Real Estate Hot, Normal, and Cold Markets

    Hot Market -

    This is an extremely competitive market, one that is advantageous to the seller.  Sometimes, homes will sell as soon as they are listed or even before homes are listed.  Typically, during a hot market in Augusta Georgia Real Estate, multiple offers will be made on each home and more often than not, homes will sell for more than their asking price.  It is even more crucial to be prepared and to be ready as a buyer when the market is hot.  It can be easy to get caught up in the bid for a home, but if you are prepared (pre-approved, solid in price range, realistic about your needs), it is easier to remain focused on your Augusta Georgia Real Estate housing needs and price range.

    Normal Market -

    In a normal market, there is a fairly large number of Augusta Georgia Real Estate homes available and an average number of buyers.  This market does not necessarily favor the buyer or the seller.  A seller may not have as many offers on their Augusta Georgia Real Estate home, but he or she may not be desperate to sell either.  Again, it is the buyer's responsibility to be prepared.  During a normal market, the chances to negotiate are higher than in a hot market.  As a buyer, you can expect to make offers at lower than the asking price and negotiate a price at least somewhat less than what the sellers are asking.

    Cold Market -

    In a cold market, Augusta Georgia Real Estate houses may be listed for more than a year and the prices of houses listed may drop considerable.  This market is advantageous to the buyer.  As a buyer, you have the time to make an offer that works to your best interest, it is not uncommon to low-ball and to find that sellers are accommodating to meet your needs.  Keep in mind that even though this market is a great time for buyers, you do not want to lose your dream home by being unrealistic.  Your goal is to get your Augusta Georgia Real Estate dream home at the best possible price.

    Getting a Legitimate Lender and Getting Pre-Approved

    It used to be that buyers could go house shopping and when they had found their dream home, they they would go to get pre-approved.  However, in today's Augusta Georgia Real Estate market, that has proven to be one of the least effective methods in landing the dream home.

    Most lenders can pre-qualify you for a mortgage over the phone.  Based on general questions about your income, debt, assets, and credit history, lenders can estimate how much mortgage you qualify for.  However, being pre-qualified and pre-approved are different things.  Pre-approval means that you have applied for a mortgage; you have filled out the mortgage application, received your credit report, and verified your employment, assets, etc.  When you are pre-approved, you know exactly what the maximum loan amount will be.

    A pre-qualified letter is not verified and in essence, does not count for much if you are competing with other buyers who are pre-approved.  When you are pre-approved, you and the seller know exactly how much house you can afford.  It gives you credibility as an interested buyer and lets the seller know immediately that you will qualify for a loan to buy their Augusta Georgia Real Estate home.

    In addition to being pre-approved, it's important to be pre-approved with a legitimate lender.  Legitimate lenders include; banks, mortgage bankers, credit unions, savings & loan associations, mortgage brokers, and online lenders.


    Finding the Right Augusta GA Real Estate Seller

    The best seller is one who is highly motivated.  A highly motivated seller is more likely to sell for less than his or her house is worth.  And it matters that you find out why; learning the reason why can help you get the price you want and help the seller get what they want: a timely sale.

    When given the opportunity to meet with sellers, ask them why they are selling their Augusta Georgia Real Estate.  The reasons could be anything from job change to a new location to financial problems.  If you can solve their problem, whether it is cash related or time related, do so.  For example, if the sellers are highly motivated because they need to move quickly, give them a fast sale - and a lower price.  If you can make an offer, even a low one, that gives them cash in a short time, they are more likely to accept.

    There are also some sellers that you should avoid.  Not every seller is as genuinely motivated as they make themselves to be.  Some possible hints:

    *they stall on having the home appraised or inspected

    *is unable to clear up liens against their property

    *they push back the move-out date

    *does not have a replacement property or back up plan

    It is impossible to find the perfect seller.  But it is possible to find out which sellers are legit, and which ones aren't.